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Brokerage website: We provide different modules, coupled with our custom designs
to make your own unique website.  


Real Estate Agent website: Upload pictures, video, listing price lists, household charts, 
worksheets, feature sheet and search listings by neighborhoods, and school boards。

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Company website: We promote the company's image, recruitment and training new brokers, brokerage landed use.
Team website: Embodies teamwork, highlighting the strength of the team, and efficient market expansion. 

Team or Commercial Property website: We can, in accordance with your request, provide the corresponding web service showing housing across Canada.

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Canada Wide Real Estate Website
Website with Pre-Construction Condo Listing
Branding Real Estate Website
Condo Website
Single Project Website

EZI-Digital Marketing


Ezi Digital Marketing

Google & Bing Certified Company (AdWords-Image ads, Pay per click ads,Video ads)


Remarketing is reaching people who have previously visited your website, website conversion rates are generally less than 5%, which also means the 95% of people have not been converted into a customer, by showing your personal image and web sites in front of the user, it can increase conversions and enhance the brand image. It also reduces the possibility of higher invalid ad impressions. 


EZI Advantage

  • Our Goal

    To provide the most professional service technology for the Canadian real estate brokerage。

  • Our Experience

    More than 10 years, more than 1,200 websites success stories, and we have the most extensive experienced establishment。

  • One Stop Solution

    EziAgent and Real Master joined forces to provide the "mobile web site + + app" into a "station operator + + to promote the industry's most comprehensive and most professional solutions。

  • Automated Maintenance

    No time to update your site? That's ok!  Houses, flats, school district, community, real estate information automatically updated.

  • In-House Technical Support

    Completely unaware of the website? No problem! Intelligent background operating system where you can gently click away. Our customer service specialists will be training you. If you encounter any problems in the course of the site, you can consult us.  Our after-sales and maintenance engineers will be addressed in a timely manner。

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Within 30 days of service, if you are not satisfied.  We are committed to unconditional refund, including the initial fee. Use zero risk, without any worries or concerns.


Customized VOW or condo website
300,000 Google image ads targeting potential customers
30,000 Google remarketing ads sticking to potential customers
8 hours VIP one on one service per month

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Customized VOW or condo website
200,000 Google image ads targeting potential customers
20,000 Google remarketing ads sticking to potential customers

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Real Estate 
Web Services

We have over 10 years of experience offering dedicated online service to over 1,200 customers across Canada, and proudly offer exclusive functions, such as search listings by school, etc.

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We are the one and only exclusively offering automatically updated pre-construction condo websites in GTA.

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About Us

EziAgent in Canada and the United States is a leading professional real estate network service provider. EZI founded in 2006 and we are headquartered in Toronto.  Our management team has over 20 years of IT industry experience. EZIagent is dedicated to the real estate market to providing professional websites. We build custom websites that are dynamic, interactive, flexible, and easy to update. EZIagent, Google, Bing, and Microsoft partner, we use the latest technology and certification training of technical personnel.

Our Commitment

We are constantly trying to create and deliver new customized websites to meet changing market demands. EZIagent automatically download your listings to maximize your marketing and sales potential. With Google online advertising, you can use less money to get leads and marketing.

With EZIagent, Customer Satisfaction is the Most Important!

Real Estate Brokerage Professional Website
Register a domain name - Website - Design - Acceptance - sale - promotion marketing, one-stop services 
1200 Estate Brokers choice!
Beautifully designed estate brokerage Individual / Company websites and all kinds of Websites,
up to 190,000 listings automatically updated daily.
Micro-channel, full support of the mainstream social networking community school district precision rounds.

For your site planning, positioning and information architecture provides marketing programs combo.
Customer Success Team
EZI core team accumulated 20 years of experience in IT, professional designer establishment of over ten years, serving thousands of online sites, real estate sites have a unique perspective. 
-Technical Experts
If you are not satisfied within 30 days of service, we are committed to unconditional refund! Use at zero risk, without any worry or concerns.
-Customer Resolution Specialist